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The National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC)


NARYSEC programme is a 24 month skills development programme within the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform which targets unemployed rural  youth aged between 18 – 25 in possession of Grade 12 (Standard 10) as part of the rural economy transformation strategy from poor rural wards. Since  its  inception in 1 September 2010 to date, NARYSEC has recruited 16178 rural youth in all 9 Provinces. The programme develops the skills of targeted   NARYSEC participants through various skills development initiatives in partnership with other public and private sector institution in line with rural economy   transformation strategy​

It exposes participants to different skills fields which focus on instilling a culture of discipline, patriotism, community service as well as technical and vocational skills    that equip participants with skills on Construction, Agriculture, Household profiling, Welding and Records Management amongst others. The programme facilitates  employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for NARYSEC participants that have completed the 2 year programme within 2 years of exiting the programme.


  • ​​To improve the quality of life of rural youth and free the potential of each youth


  • ​​​The promotion of a common sense of nationhood and patriotism Inclusiveness; and ​​
  • ​An integrated and holistic approach to youth development 

Strategic Outcomes

  • Decline in the level of youth unemployment in the rural areas;
  • ​Increased literacy and skills amongst participants who successfully complete the ​programme and other skills development initiatives;
  • ​Increased disposable income for participants as a result of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities; and
  • ​​​​Decreased dependency on social grants and transfers from family members working in urban areas ​

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