Food Import Export Standards


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General advisory


  1. Farmers, extension staff are advised to associate themselves with the food safety and plant health standards in case they would like to participate in the formal markets
  2. Farmers are advised to practice good agricultural practices to ensure that issues of food safety and quality as well as plant health and animal health are well taken care of to ensure production of quality produce that can compete for a good price in the market.
  3. Travellers and the importing community are advised to associate themselves with the agricultural import standards to enhance safe trade of agricultural products and assist in protecting the South African territory against the introduction of hazardous substances, exotic pests and diseases.
  4. The exporting community is advised to comply with the import standards of other countries in order to prevent the spread of pests and diseases not occurring in such countries as well as preventing the introduction of hazardous substances in such countries. The transgression of the of other countries’ import requirement might affect export programmes between South Africa and such countries or may result in a fine.