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Land Administration


To provide geospatial information, cadastral surveys, deeds registration and spatial planning, as well as technical services in support of sustainable land development.


  • National Geomatics Management Services 
  • Spatial Planning and Land Use Management
  • Registration of Deeds Trading Account
  •  South African Council of planners
  • South African Geomatics Council

Purposes of Sub-programmes

  • National Geomatics Management Services 
    Responsible for examining and providing all surveys of land and real rights intended to be registered in the deeds office; maintaining records; compiling, maintaining and revising maps of property boundaries; providing cadastral advisory services to other government institutions; promoting and controlling all matters related to geodetic and topographical surveying; establishing and maintaining a network of national geo-referencing stations; facilitating state surveys related to land reform; and providing cadastral and geospatial information services, including South African spatial data infrastructure.

  • Spatial Planning and Land Use Management
    Provides for national land use management and spatial planning systems; develops the national spatial development framework and rural development plans, guidelines, norms and standards; and ensures compliance with the Spatial Land Use Management ACT (2013). This sub-programme also provides support to the South African Council for Planners and technical assistance to other spheres of government by providing spatial development framework and land use schemes; and establishing functional municipal land use tributes.

  • Registration of Deeds Trading Account
    Provides a deeds registration system in which secured titles are registered and accurate information is provided.

  • South African Council of planners
    Transfers funds annually to the South African Council for planners, a non profit organisation dealing with the registration and other activities of the profession.

  • South African Geomatics Council
    It regulates and promotes the transformation of the geomatics profession.