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Animal Improvement

PLEASE NOTE: All animals and animal products require a Veterinary Import Permit.  

For more information please contact the Import Export Policy Unit

GMO Imports  Importation of Plants and Plant Products into South Africa 
Import for contained use Import for General release or Commodity clearance Import for intentional release (trial release) into the environment
  • Legal framework: Agricultural Pests Act, 1983 (Act 36 of 1983) -Application form, procedures and tariffs  -Inspections done at ports of entry
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    Application for registration of premises as centre
    Veterinary Procedural Notices
    Food and Veterinary Services

    Animal ID

    Performing Animals Protection Act Licensing

    Animal and Aquaculture Production

    Renewal of Existing Registration

    Farm Animal Genetic Resources Animal and Aquaculture Productions 


    Plant Health Inspection International Trade Export Export Animal Improvement

    Export Protocols

    Trade Policy Development

    Ostriches and ostrich eggs


    Guidelines for Importing and Exporting Animals and Genetic Material 

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