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Recapitalization and Development Programme (RADP)


To develop and provide strategic support to farmers and cooperatives.


1. Develop and provide policies, procedures and systems for RADP
2. Facilitate and liaise with stakeholders for the support of RADP
3. Provide strategic support on land reform farms' value chain
4. Ensure recapitalisation and development on acquired land with clusters

Recapitalization and Development focuses on human (capacity development), infra-structure development and operational inputs on properties in distress and newly acquired through the land reform redistribution, restitution and other programmes since 1994 as well as other agricultural properties in distress acquired without grant funding. The approach is to ensure that the enterprises are profitable and sustainable across the value chain in line with the Business Plan which stipulates comprehensive development requirements of targeted properties over 5 year recapitalization and development cycle.

Different projects are likely to require different development interventions and timeframes for how easily and quickly they may be developed. There would be some, especially those that involve large groups that would have complicated social issues and conflicts to resolve and this is likely to take longer to identify solutions and to obtain consensus on development solutions. These would include addressing the basic needs for security of tenure, housing and infrastructure for farm workers, farm dwellers and labour tenants as prescribed by the Extension of Security of Tenure Act and as per lease policy requirements to adhere to relevant labour legislation. These cases may require intense social facilitation and household profiling. There are others that may have a single owner or user of land and the key intervention required may only be infrastructure development that would require substantially less time.

With RADP interventions, the Province has done extremely well in the program, wherein a total number of 70 project were supported, 12 partnerships were established, 77 000 ha are put under production with different commodities. The total numbers of 1375 jobs were created. The total number of 5945 cattle has been produced and 9546 sheep under Red meat value chain. The total of 2074 ha was put under crop production. The province is producing just over 1.5 million chickens per annum. By the end of the March 2013, the total budget spent by the province on RADP was R129 174 115.00​

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