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About us

The Directorate Research and Technology Development (RTD) established with the aim to provide strategic leadership and support through sustainable agricultural production through research, technology development and technology transfer.


Our Mandate

The mandate of the directorate is to provide leadership and support for agricultural research, technology and innovation in order to generate new knowledge, improve production systems and competitiveness of the agricultural sector


Key objectives of RTD are:

  • Promote of appropriate policies and strategies to support research, technology development and innovation for the agricultural sector
  • Promote development of appropriate technologies in support of productivity, profitability and sustainability of the sector;
  • Source and mobilize recourses for research and technology transfer
  • Promote international partnerships and collaboration with continental and regional On R&D.


Key functions

The directorates' functions encompass broad areas of research and Development (R&D) of Policy Development, Governance Systems and Multilateral Sciences.

The Directorate advocates the promotion of national, intergovernmental and international collaboration on research that is relevant to strategic goals of the DoA. It is also the function of the Directorate to develop, promote and review national policies strategies, norms, standards and guidance of Agricultural Research, Technology development and Transfer.


Within the multilateral sciences, the directorate promotes international partnerships and collaborations with continental and regional organizations on research and technology development through:

•  Development of guidelines with international organizations and management of agreements on Science and technology with multilateral institutions as consultative Group on international agreements on science and technology with Agricultural Research (CGIAR), Forum for Agricultural Development in Africa (FARA), New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and Southern Africa Developing Community (SADC)-Food and Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) and CAB International.

•  In accordance with new strategic management model for South Africa 's science and technology, RTD is responsible for providing strategic support to the DoA in terms of Governance of ARC. This includes services to the sector and the department in areas of intergovernmental and stakeholder relations nationally as well as the maintenance of databases, on agricultural research, technology development and transfer, for information dissemination to stakeholders.

  • Currently the directorate is spearheading the development of the Agricultural Research and Development Strategy.
  • Coordination of national level for National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) through administration and secretariat services to the National Agricultural Research Forum (NARF).

Contact Details:

Director: Ms Mmaserame Macucwa

Tel: +27 (0) 12 319 6078

Fax: +27(0) 12 319 6389

Email: MmaserameM@daff.gov.za