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The National Office Forestry has transformation as one of the outputs for 2005/6. This responsibility does not only include issues of gender equity but many other matters affecting service delivery. The transformation forum is very critical in ensuring that transformation takes place within forestry and is entrenched as a performance objective across all directorates and functions. This forum will also liase with Directorate: Transformation on matters affecting the department as whole.
The National Office Forestry Transformation Forum was established to see to it that transformation takes place within all directorates. The forum advises the Manager: Forestry on matters relating to the transformation programme. It is also the responsibility of the forum to see to it that all directorates meet and communicate frequently with staff on matters affecting service delivery. Performance management, grievance and disciplinary procedures do not fall within the brief of the transformation but the forum can assist where possible.
Transformation Program
Transformation driven by 5 Rs:
. Restructuring: the Department is undergoing restructuring and we need to be aware of the changes and communicate to the staff
. Representivity: in terms of the Employment Equity Act, Gender equality, Disability and Affirmative Action policies, the Department is monitored and to report its performance in this regard.
. Responsiveness: the principles of Batho Pele should inform the manner in which the Department responds to the expectation of the citizens.
. Racism: Zero Tolerance on Racism. Workplace is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds with regard to race, sexual orientation, gender, language, culture and religion etc.
. Respect: it is expected of each Public Servant to be sensitive to people from different educational, religious, political, economic and socio-cultural environments.
. Black Economic Empowerment: ensure access to communicate opportunities available for HDI
The objects of the transformatiom Forum are to ensure improved communication and harmony throughout forestry. This will be achieved through frequent meeting within directorates and also between managers and the forum. The following forms the areas within which the transformation forum will perform:
. Monitor and provide strategic support to forestry management on transformation programme
. Ensure that there is an Equity Plan for forestry and is implemented throughout all directorates in forestry
. Ensure gender equality and representivity is respected and implemented throughout all directorates in forestry
. Ensure that the spirit of Batho Pele is entrenched within forestry
. Ensure special days/weeks such Women Day, HIV/AIDS, Take a girl child to Work Campaigns, Public Service Days etc are observed
. Assist in the efforts to enhance forestry through participating with other components of the department e.g. gender equity forum, national transformation forum etc
. Assist Manager: Forestry in compiling reports on equity for example and presenting it to relevant structures

The forum will participate in all major events and special days reflected on the dwaf calendar. These the following projects will be undertaken by the National Office Transformation Forum

Project Time frame
Take a girl child to work campaign April
Youth Month June
National Women’s Day August
Public Service Week (Batho Pele) October/November
National Transformation Forum December
HIV/AIDS Day December