Small Holder Development


Land Administration (LA)


Aim: To facilitate effective administration and disposal of agricultural state land


Sub directorate Land Administration is responsible for the administration of State Agricultural Land which is known as the FALA/ ADMA properties. FALA stands for Financial Assistance Land while ADMA is Agricultural Debt Management. These properties are received from the Directorate Debt Management and handed over to the directorate Land Settlement for Administration




1. Facilitate the disposal of Agricultural state Land (FALA)


  • Valuate properties
  • Advertise them
  • Short listing
  • Interviews
  • Appointment
  • Lease Submission to Minister NDPW
  • Signing of the Lease Agreement
  • Rental payment to the Department


2. Coordinate the maintenance and caretaking of FALA properties and registration of servitudes.


The sub-directorate supports the Lessees of the FALA farms with basic infrastructure in terms of Fencing, Basic Water, Creation of Firebreaks and the removal of alien/ invasive plants.


  • Need analysis
  • Quotations requisition
  • Recommend delivery
  • Service delivery


3. Updating of Asset Register, state land database and administer asset losses.


  • Inspection and Inventory by visiting the farms regularly.


4. Render advisory services to PDA's and clients on land management issues.

  • Communicate with PDA & clients
  • Farm visits


5. Administer rental collection and other departmental levies (water, electricity, etc)


  • Lessees pays rental at the Departmental Standard Bank Account
  • Written rental reminders for defaulters
  • Telephone calls reminders
  • Referral to the State Attorneys through the directorate Legal Services for defaulters.


Enquiries: 012 319 8240/ 8237