Small Holder Development


Policy and Project Planning (PPP)


Aim: T o develop and provide guidelines for the implementation of policies and programs supporting land and agrarian reform beneficiaries



1. Research and Develop Policy guidelines with regard to land and agrarian reform

  • Development of policies for farmer support
  • Review existing policies with regard to farmer support.

2. Provide procedures to implement the developed Directorate’s policies and programmes.

  • Develop operational manuals, monitoring and evaluation templates and frameworks

3. Participate and provide inputs in policy debates forums.

  • Participate in policy debates on request.
  • Provide written inputs to the developed policies internally and externally.

4. Assist with the implementation of Land Settlement policies and programmes relating to farmer support in the Provinces

  • Facilitate the implementation of pilot studies on developed policies and programs in the provinces.

5. Collect and update data in agricultural project in the presidential nodal areas (ISRD & URP)

  • Update database for land and agrarian reform project in the nodes.

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