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Land Use and Soil Management


About Us



The Vision and Mission




  • A leading, dynamic, united, prosperous and people-centred sector


    Our vision will be achieved through developing and sustaining a sector that contributes and embraces::

  • Economic growth (and development)
  • Job creation
  • Rural development
  • Sustainable use of natural resources
  • Food security


SG 1: Increased profitable production of food, fibre and timber products by all categories of producers (subsistence, smallholder and commercial)

Strategic objectives

  • Promote efficient production, handling and processing of food, fibre and timber
  • Coordinate government food security initiative                      
  • Improve production systems anchored in commodities with a competitive and comparative advantage in each province
  • Comprehensive support towards rural development

SG 2: Sustained management of natural resources

Strategic objectives

  • SO 1 Promote environmentally sustainable production systems
  • SO 2 Ensure the sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources
  • SO 3 Ensure protection of indigenous genetic resources
  • SO 4 Increase contribution to green jobs to improve livelihoods

SG 3: Effective national regulatory services and risk management systems

Strategic objectives

  • SO 1 Promote safe food by managing the level of risks associated with food, diseases, pests, natural disasters and trade
  • SO 2 Establish and maintain effective early-warning and mitigation systems

SG 4: A transformed and united sector

Strategic objectives

  • SO 1 Increase equity, ownership and participation of PDIs
  • SO 2 Establish and maintain effective early-warning and mitigation systems
  • SO 3 Improve social working conditions in the sector
  • SO 4 Provide leadership and support to research, training and extension in the sector

SG 5: Increased contribution of the sector to economic growth and development

Strategic objectives

  • SO 1 Increase growth, income and sustainable job opportunities in the value chain
  • SO 2 Increase the level of public and private investment in the sector
  • SO 3 Increase market access for South African and African agricultural, forestry and fish products, domestically and internationally
  • SO 4 Increase production of feedstock to support the manufacturing sector
  • SO 5 Promote the use of feedstock byproducts for renewable energies

SG 6: Effective and efficient governance

Strategic objectives

  • SO 1 Establish and strengthen cooperative governance and functional relations with local and international stakeholders
  • SO 2 Strengthen policy, planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and sector information
  • SO 3 Provide effective audit, investigative and legal, human resources and financial risk management
  • SO 4 Improve departmental service excellence through implementation of quality standards, Batho Pele prin - ciples and the general legislative mandate
  • SO 5 Provide leadership and manage communication and information


  • Drive: Driven to deliver excellent services
  • Attitude: Being an ambitious, passionate, reliable and dedicated workforce
  • Fairness: Acting with objectivity, empathy, integrity and transparency
  • Focus: Focusing on people, economic and rural development


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